By purchasing our apps you contribute to our quest to update and develop our
Virtual Montessori Math Materials for
all students of the world.

Instead of starting a kick starter or a go fund me campaign.  We ask that you purchase our apps for your family, school, or gift the apps to a child or a group of children that would benefit from our apps.  Right now for a price as much as package of gum, you can purchase one of our apps.  for only .99 cents, even Stamp Game. 


Three of our iTunes virtual material apps, Multiplication Board, Division Board, and Bead Skip Counting app run on iPads with IOS 10 and up.

Our legacy apps, Stamp Game, Place Value, and Math Facts, are still on the iTunes Store for legacy devices that run IOS 9 and older. Your purchases of our apps will go towards upgrading Stamp Game, our unique app that looks and operates just like the Montessori Stamp Game material.

We are working on getting our legacy apps updated as soon as possible.  We saw that there is a need for our apps, especially during the pandemic. 

If you are interested in becoming an affiliated programmer, donating to our quest, an ANGEL, or want to ask a question, please email us at:

 We are going forward to keep true to The Montessori methods and design.