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Hi there, and welcome to MontessoriTech Solution's Page. As you may have read in our bios, we are a Montessori Family of teachers and techies. Beside,  app development, we are very familiar with deploying apps to families, schools, and corporations.  


We want to assist you in helping your children, students, and your school communities.

Ten years ago, when we started MontessoriTech, my two sons, Alex and Jon, were teenagers/tweens. Encouraging me every day with our family endeavor. Alex is a marketing and social media consultant now, and Jon is studying to become a computer engineer. They are still encouraging and helping me to spread the word and update the apps. My number one fan, my husband Mike, who has built numerous startups of his own, keeps the idea alive with knowledge and love.


The Corna Virus Pandemic has taught me a lot. Family, health, and the need to evolve education. MontessoriTech wants to be part of the evolution of education and support students, families, educators, and schools.   Remote learning may be a reality for one more year. We promise that we will work hard to update our Math Virtual materials apps to be available for the upcoming school year.  

I am at home and working with my family to get our apps up to date this summer for you. Also, we want to assist you on making technology decisions during these that are beneficial to your students, families, and schools.   I am offering my technical knowledge and services to schools, educators, and families that want to deploy or purchase apps for their students and children.


We were one of the first app developers that saw the connection with Montessori and tablet computers.  Doctor Montessori developed the user interface, we implemented it for the 21st century.  

MontessoriTech Solutions can assist you with


  • Purchasing computers, tablets, apps, internet connections for your students.

  • Instructing individuals and groups on using Zoom, Google Classroom, Facetime, and other applications that will assist you with remote learning and assessments via Zoom sessions

  • Helping you support your students or children learn math with ease. 


Please contact MT if you would like more information about how we can assist you and take advantage of our 2020-21 school year prices through Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education.

Grace Kochanik 


Founder of  MontessoriTech LLC

A family endeavor

Located in Bridgewater, New Jersey


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