Dear school communities, parents and students,


Welcome to our online home.  Many of you are planning how the new school environments will look like and how they will work.   Nature has changed our course for a while, but that doesn't mean the academics will suffer. Teachers, administrators, parents, and especially students are resilient.  


We, as an educational community, can use 21st-century technologies to connect and assist the students.  In 1918 these technologies did not exist, but perseverance got humanity further.  Technologies of today can excel education, regardless  if we are in the classroom or use remote learning.   Your child or student can practice Montessori Math concepts using an iPad or Android tablet the same way they use physical Montessori Materials, and get the same benefits.  Remote learners can have Montessori Math at their finger tips, and learn the same presentation and concepts. 

As a community, we can keep the Montessori Math experience for students through applications that emulate the experience working on physical materials.  Doctor Montessori in 1907 with or without knowing she was creating user interfaces that intrigue students to learn math and other subjects. 


Our apps keep to the original interface design and continue the objectives of learning math with ease and grace.  Visit our website, or on iTunes and Google Play stores to discover more about our Montessori Math Apps.  


We can assist communities that cannot obtain devices for our apps due to financial and location restraints.  Please contact MT if you want more information about how we can assist you and take advantage of our

2020-21 school year prices (.49 cents each) through the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education.

Best regards,


Grace Kochanik

Teacher and Founder of MontessoriTech