Ms. Grace K. 

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Why did I pursue developing Montessori virtual materials?

In 2010, while attending Montessori Elementary teacher training,  I was intrigued by the method a student learns math using manipulates.  I saw logic, sequence, simplicity, and a beautiful interface in the Montessori math materials.  Especially,  the Montessori Stamp Game.  Doctor Maria Montessori, before apps were thought off, knew the importance of using a well design graphical interfaces to teach students.   As a computer scientist, I vissioned that her graphical representation and process of learning math concepts can be emulated on a tablet computer.


With the help of an awesome Montessori dad/programmer and with our families we developed the Stamp Game virtual manipulative app for our first iTunes app. Then five iPad apps followed.  Now on our own, The Kochanik Family,  we  ported Montessori Place Value virtual material to Android platform, with the assistance from Equal Experts, Inc.  and with Vania Nettleford added Montessori Multiplication Board to our iPad repertoire.

My family and I, and with the help of Vania are back after a long hiatus to get all our apps updated. "THE MT TEAM".  


I am blessed to have great team of smart and motivated young and experience professionals on my side.  We want to get the apps up and running with the resources that we have during the global pandemic.   Please read how you can help us get our apps updated on the iPad platform and port our apps to Android. 

Our applications are also very accessible, interesting, and relevant to those not in a Montessori environment.  In fact, one of our goals is to make Montessori materials available to a larger audience. An audience that may have access to computer tablets and could benefit greatly from Montessori math.  

Your purchase of our existing apps on the iTunes Store and Google Play can assist us getting all our apps updated for the 2020-21 school year.  


      -  Our apps are designed not to to look like games, store information, or confuse              users.


      -  Our apps virtualize the logical presentation and usage of Montessori math                    materials. 

MontessoriTech's apps are true to the  Montessori math curriculum and with your help we can get these apps up as soon as possible.


Click, learn, and help with our quest. 

                                                                                         Stay safe and stay healthy,

                                                                                                 Love,  Ms. Grace K.